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Must have for travellers  
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I travel a lot so I was excited when I order this. After one trip, I knew I would never travel without it again. It’s such a great product!

March 4, 2018   London    Website   
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Excellent travel adapter. Used it in Europe, South and North America so far. One of the best things for me is that it has the 4 USB ports plus 1 USB type C, which you can use simultaneously with the main plug.

March 31, 2018   London   
Liked it so much  

I bought a couple more for other people. All travel needs covered and also covers when we have foreign visitors needing to plug in at our place.
The 4 USB charger slots along with the plug means I can charge laptop, mobile and iPad at the same time.

April 7, 2018  
Amazing product  

Thanks to mr Christian of introducing amazing product to me it saves space in my bag and it has enough usp port and I can take it to any park of the world.

April 30, 2018  
It doesn't include the travel case  

In the photos of the Wadap travel adaptor of it clear that it include a case, but sadly it hasn't, so I feel cheated.

July 30, 2018   Website   
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